Kortov Cotton

Timeless, classic English boxer-shorts.  100% long-staple cotton gives the fabric a silky and comfortable feel. Even after numerous washes, our boxer-shorts do not loose their exquisite characteristics, making them extremely durable.

Wear with comfort

The back panel of the boxer-shorts has no seams as it is made of a single piece of fabric.  This gives the wearer additional comfort.

to the last

The buttons, made of Australian mother-of-pearl, are easy to un-button.  The elastic, made of state of the art, hypoallergenic microfiber, is both soft and secure.


The label is applied onto the boxer-shorts using silk screen printing on the inside  fold. We moved away from protruding labels that can irritate the ski.

Gift box

Each pair of Kortov Cotton boxer-shorts is hand packaged into our presentation box: a present fit for any occasion.

We work with some of the oldest cotton producers
in the world to supply our fabrics