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Sea Island Cotton

Sea Island Cotton is one of the most precious kinds of cotton, accounting for just 0,006% of the world's long staple cotton production. Due to its uniquely suited climate, Barbados is the only place in the world where Sea Island cotton is grown. Every item made from Sea Island cotton has its origin and quality confirmed by a WISICA hologram. Sea Island fabric is delicate to the touch and improves with each wash.


Giza 87

Giza 87 is one of the rarest kinds of Egyptian cotton, which can only be cultivated in certain parts of the Nile Delta. Pure and silky to the touch, Giza 87 creates a perfect fabric which grows better with each wash.



Voyageur is 100% Egyptian cotton which has been created as the perfect meld of age old traditions and modern innovation. Its manufacture does not involve any chemical treatment processes, preserving the cotton's qualities, while intergrating a double-sided weaving process. Voyageur practically does not crease, making it perfect for travel garments.